As some of you may know, finding my identity as far as my style is concerned was probably the hardest thing I have ever had to come across, it was always me (and my Lady Gaga inspired pieces) versus my very conservative society… But like all things great, it takes time and for one  to be comfortable in themselves , growth and understanding of one’s self.


Today my sense of self shows through my style and in the clothes I wear,whether dressed up or down you can always see that this person is comfortable in who they are and what they wear… with every little piece I choose to put together in a look, one can tell the kind of person i am, or the mood I’m in, or a particular message i’m trying to convey.


Handbags are my new THING, LITERALLY! I love them so much because they are convenient and they add that extra dash to any ensemble. Instantly take a drab outfit to chic. My newly found fabulous friend Kgalie Kapinga bought me this little beauty I have in my hand as a late birthday gift and I must say I haven’t been able to put it down. It also doesn’t help that i have to be in all black everyday when I go to work! I absolutely love it.


Please check her out  @kgaliematlaps_kapinga on Instagram.

Simmering it all down,I can never say this enough;

Be you

Be happy

All ways


Until next time
-Yarn Hipster


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