You know that feeling you get when you just want to be fabulous and everything around you MUST follow suit? YEAH!


So I called up my fave @DavidBillboard and I said to him, ‘ I want to be alive, I want to feel alive, be happy, fabulous and I want to take pictures that are a true depiction of these feelings’. Naturally, the only thing I worry about AFTER  David is not answering his phone is what I wear!

Last year around Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, my love (@tumie_nthutang)  and I decided, we work too hard and we are going to dent our accounts a little.  That’s how i found this fantastic faux coat around Johannesburg (DON’T ASK WHERE BECAUSE I WONT TELL) HANDS DOWN THE BEST BUY !!! Now when I bought it, I made a little promise to myself, I said ‘ Thapelo you will only wear this when it is well in your life. When you are happy and when you feel whole in your lonesome because for some reason, Faux Fur to me represents opulence, luxury and grandeur and it must be worn during an equally delightful time.


It’s a coincidence that I feel like this during winter. My thing is, even if I arrived where i am now during summer, some of you would still see me rocking it and just pretending like I’m in London pre-Christmas season. This faux fur jacket will always be my ‘happy place’ because it will always remind me of a great time in my life where I was happy to be alive, where I was happy and grateful for the opportunities that come my way everyday, for the faith people I work with have in me, for my growth as a creative, as a partner, as a friend,as a son and as a person.


Winter has officially began,lets pull those furs out!

Love and Light

-Yarn Hipster


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